What I Do

As a writing coach with a Ph.D. in English Literature and years of experience helping people believe in who they are as they begin to feel comfortable and excited about putting words on the page, here is how I see who I am and what I offer my clients: I am equal parts curious reader, respectful listener, and encouraging alchemist. Writing is both a mystery and a map, revealing and leading us to deeper and truer parts of ourselves. Writing is also work and effort; it is a practice, in every sense of the word.

I work with individuals who get stuck, scared, excited, inspired, and can use a curious, respectful reader to help them move forward with their writing. Writing, whether it’s journaling, creating poetry or prose, or crafting academic pieces, can be a lonely process. Writing can also be a process completely tainted by the idea of perfection. It is SO MUCH MORE. That’s where I can help!

I also help writers (and people who don’t call themselves writers but still write!) to use writing as a healing process. Through writing, it is possible to be in deep conversation with ourselves, with others, and with various aspects of our lives. Using a variety of strategies and techniques, we can learn to use writing to promote change and growth.

I’ve worked with poets and prose writers, graduate students struggling with dissertations, undergraduates acclimating to college, professors writing academic articles, non-profit groups such as CASA and Books for Prisoners working on grant proposals, younger and older members of the intergenerational neighborhood Generations of Hope, therapists and social workers interested in learning how to incorporate writing into their practices, and individuals who might not consider themselves “writers” but who want to explore journaling, story-telling, and other types of writing for creative and therapeutic purposes.

I also have experience facilitating several therapeutic writing groups, and leading workshops on topics such as:

  • Creativity and the Quest for Meaning
  • Using Poetry and Story to Move Through Depression
  • Poetry, Writing and Self-Compassion
  • Writing as a Catalyst for Change

Please visit the Testimonials page for more details on the kinds of work I’ve done.



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