You All ROCK!

I’m blown away by the questions that you emailed me in response to my last post, and to be perfectly honest, they confirmed a secret suspicion I’ve had, one often confirmed by all the writing groups and workshops that I do: one person’s questions are everyone’s questions.  We are so much more alike than we are different. 

So today, please take a few minutes to read through the questions that you were all brave enough to share (in the comments section of the last post).  And, if you so inclined, maybe you’ll even respond to some of them.  They are beautiful, heartbreaking, human, real.  And we ALL have wisdom to share–this is something I’m 100% sure of.

As promised, I will choose one (but it’s definitely NOT going to be just one, because you’ve given me WAY more material here–yay!) to write about for next few posts.  I love you all for your courage, your wondering, and your willingness to stay on the quest. 

Anyone who hasn’t sent a question in, you still have the chance! Email me at and I will post your question anonymously…go ahead, you know you want to! 

Love, love and love!  You’re the best readers EVER and no one is as lucky as me to be someone that you take the time to read!

5 thoughts on “You All ROCK!

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  1. how do i leave the security of my day to day job to follow my passions for working idependently and creatively, when there are bills to pay, travels dreamed of, new houses yearned for, when i have a cautious husband and three children to raise??


  2. LCS on behalf of ANONYMOUS:

    Here are my questions, and what a wonderful exercise (thank you for soliciting them!) it was to think of them.

    1. Does it matter at all what others think of us?
    2. Is it better to keep reaching for the rock-bottom truth or at some point just accept the mystery?
    3. Is there a difference between non-harming and doing good?
    4. How far can we go in understanding, holding, the experiences of others? This ranges from other cultures to the people closest to us.
    5. Why did I ever read any of those miserable parenting books?
    6. Who did write the book of Love?


  3. LCS on behalf of ANONYMOUS:

    What happens to us after we die? Can we still see, hear and feel our loved ones!

    Is this it? Am I supposed to have another purpose in this life? I feel truly blessed to be at the exact place I am – wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt – I am so happy! I cannot wait to wake up each day – hell sometimes I just don’t want to go to sleep – I just want tomorrow and all its activities and promises to come already. But I can’t help but wonder if I am missing out on something “big”. I cannot pinpoint what that “something” might be but the possibilites are endless!!!


  4. Leslie Srajek on behalf of Anonymous:

    Who am I really?

    The one who is loved by my wife or my children or my relatives or my friends or neighbours?

    Is it only God who can see me as a whole person?


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