“Thank you so much for the excellent workshop on therapeutic writing you designed and facilitated for the Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring Facilitator Gathering…The fact that you carefully customized the content and reflective questions so that the experience was relevant and meaningful to us was noted by the participants and greatly appreciated. You conveyed great care, safety, and respect in both the design and in your gentle facilitation.” –Mary Koloroutis, RN, MS, Vice President, Creative Health Care Management


“Leslie is one of those rare individuals who can balance left and right brain awareness, combining the two into a cohesive whole. Equally adept at holding the big picture while handling a myriad of details, Leslie provides a high quality experience whether she is offering drafting/editing help or leading a poetry workshop. She combines professionalism, the ability to truly listen, and a compassionate heart when supporting those she is working with to move forward in their work. On many occasions Leslie has been a professional godsend. She quickly gets up to speed on a project and takes direction effortlessly. I offer high praise and blanket recommendations to few, and Leslie is one of those few.” –Elizabeth Perrachione, Fireowl Consulting

“Leslie’s writing and editing talents were among my great discoveries when I worked with her in my capacity as Associate Dean of Engineering at Illinois. I called on her frequently to untangle documents, from annual reports to grant proposals. She brings incredible clarity to writing and editing. Not only can she bring a document to life, she can also free it of the entanglements that keep it from saying what it was meant to say.” –Keith Hjelmstad


“Leslie has provided compassionate leadership for the (therapeutic writing) group with her carefully selected writing prompts and her affirming and supportive presence. Leslie’s gentle leadership has always promoted a group atmosphere of safety and confidentiality which allows each group member the freedom to develop a unique and honest voice.” –Cynthia Sweet, Mahomet, IL

“Leslie is a very gifted leader of writing groups. She took us to places in our Selves that we had never been to, and each one of us came back with precious tales to tell or to hold onto until the next dive. It was a privilege to experience, and I have the artifacts of my adventures to keep.” Barbara Kessel, Urbana, IL

“You opened the ‘mystery’ of writing.” –Workshop Participant, Urbana, IL


“I never before appreciated poetry so fully or realized how deeply I could be touched by it.” –Workshop Participant, Champaign, IL

“I feel more awakened, more alive, excited. To take the time to write after years of not turning to that part of me has been joyous!” –Workshop Participant, Urbana, IL

“Leslie draws from a variety of resources (both well known and lesser known but wonderful authors)…She encourages the writer to come out in others and allows ample time for sharing. She knows how to create a safe and supportive environment for writing…[S]he has a writing voice that is genuine, often humorous and which brings out the deeper meanings of daily life.” –S. Dorsey, Urbana



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