In Which I Write About Jacob’s Accident & Become Famous

As some folks know, Jacob was hit by a car last month while riding his bike to school. The driver didn’t stop (yes, you read that right. Someone hit a child on a bike, knocked him over and kept driving.)  Jacob wasn’t hurt.

It was a very powerful learning experience for all of us.  I wrote a short piece about it for the website, and it is my Very First Guest Post Ever.  Go here to read it (Mom, that means you have to click on the underlined words).

Happy May Day all!

6 thoughts on “In Which I Write About Jacob’s Accident & Become Famous

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  1. Is it the nature of a Mother to try to “fix” the situations of their children? I don’t say this accusingly, just observationally. Personal example: our daughter taught ESL in Taiwan for a couple of years. Sometimes, when she was really frustrated with something, she would call home to talk about it. years later, she told me that when she would call, she wouild pray that Dad, not Mom, would answer the phone because I would just listen, whereas Mom would try to solve the problem. Is this something in our wiring?


  2. Your courage and restraint and optimism are admirable, Leslie. You’re right — you’ll need them again as they keep venturing out beyond you. I now have a granddaughter (nearly a year old) — and in some ways the wonderful cycle has started all over. Sheila Bartle


  3. Thank goodness he is all right. Wonderful post at the other site, btw. You and your son handled it so well, not so much the driver.


  4. So happy Jacob is fine! This is such a fitting post as Liam has just left for a week in Quebec with 70 other grade 8 and 9 students from his school. I worked very hard to not bombard him with advice (don’t lose your wallet, remember to pack up everything at each hotel, don’t make bad choices) and to let him go with grace, fearlessly. They weren’t allowed cell phones, so I will spend the week trusting he is fine and having the time of his life…such is motherhood! Thanks Leslie!


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